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Excerpt from 'Why Blame the Stars' by Michael Segedy; narrated under the pseudonym Ellen A. Connor

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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cursing the inevitable. No I don't see it that way. Nothing inevitable at all about getting bit. I could have brought along bug spray. Getting stung was very avoidable. You might think so or want to believe so. But your decision which you see as a free decision not to bring the spray was anything but that. Right. And do you really believe that crap? She laughs? Do I have a choice? Yes you do. We all do then? I think there's no more I can say on the subject. She likes how he just stands there smiling at her. Not at all confrontational nor condescending. She also enjoys very much the flirtatious game being played between the two of them. Look it's been fun. I've really enjoyed our chat but I think I need to be heading back. Got a fairly long ride. The sun has begun to nestle in the treetops high above the valley. Although she would like to hang out a little more with her intriguing new acquaintance. She fears the growing darkness will put her and her cousin at risk peddling back along the narrow country road. How far is your ride back all the way to the center of concorde? I parked the car in a shopping plaza there from the plaza. It will be a cinch to get home. I have a bike rack on the back of the car so you don't live in concord. I take it. No, I live over by South Park Mall. A good 30 minutes from downtown Concord and hectic drive to U. N. C. C. In the morning. Yeah I bet charlotte's full of traffic For me it's just a five minute bike trip or 15 minute walk. So you go to U. N. C. C. Her face suddenly glows at the thought that they both attend the same university. What's your major? I don't really have one. Just kind of checking out different courses and you pre med. Hey, let me give you my number so we can keep in touch. I enjoyed our conversation. Don't have a lot of friends who are keen about talking philosophy or talking whatever it was we were talking. Yeah sure. He appears surprised by her audacity. So does she. She's never been so forward with a boy. You have your cell with you. Mhm. He wiggles it out of his front pocket while she removes hers from the backpack she has slung over her shoulder give me your number and you can save mine when I ring you he dictates his number to her as he does. The numbers seem to come to her before they're completely out of his mouth. Great. She says she calls him and waits for his phone to sound got it. He says after placing her style in her backpack, she leans her tall, slender frame over her bicycle and grabs hold of its handlebars and straightens it up. Tomas ready to head back. She yells Her cousin is about 50 yards down the road kicking a soda can he's discovered lying in the grass si Vamos. He hollers back. She can tell by his quick reply that he is more than eager to set off CIA! She says to the young man standing in a pool of shadow, his backside still resting against the bridge railing. Bye! He says as he watched her as she straddles her bike, she adjusts the shoulder straps on her backpack and then swings the bike around in a half circle. She waits a few seconds for her cousin while a crow above them squawks loudly. It's shrill voice momentarily startling her and causing her skin to tingle as they pedal off. She has this giddy familiar feeling as she thinks of his bright blue eyes at the same time in the trees all around her. There's this humming machine like sound of insects buzzing electrical, She tries to block it out as she peddles against the sunset. Down the narrow asphalt road, her cousins right behind her so close that she imagines she can feel the heat radiating from his body and hear his labored breathing as their bicycles push through the warm, stagnant air. Her heart pumps faster and faster. She suddenly feels like a firefly trapped inside tusks McGee bottle clipping its wings against the glass, searching for a way out the heat rises from the road, sucking air out of her lungs, she'll be free soon, she tells herself, thinking again of the young man's bright blue eyes looking in on her