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Yeah, lately I've been thinking a lot about what makes a person who they are often with this topic. The idea of finding yourself comes into play Western culture constantly stresses to find yourself. It's in our advertising media, music and even a whole genre of movies has developed around the phenomenon. So why are we obsessed with defining ourselves? And is it even realistic? According to Michael poet and Christine Gross Lows article titled Stop Trying To Find Yourself? It is simply impossible to do So in the way that society has made it out to be, they wrote, Consider the self, the way chinese philosophers did, there is no true self and no self you can discover in the abstract by looking within such a self would be little more than a snapshot of you at that particular moment in time we are messy, multifaceted selves who go through life, bumping up against other messy, multifaceted selves who we are at any given moment develops through are constantly shifting interactions with other people. To expand upon this idea. I decided to ask others if they believe there is validity in finding yourself somewhere a little tripped up at a certain extent. I feel like some people do and I feel like some people don't and either way that it happens, whether it does or doesn't happen like you could still be, I don't ******* know is there while others had a more clear standpoint? Yeah, I believe that there is validity and having an interest in finding yourself, It just means that you have interest in growing yourself more and it's kind of like if you don't really have a growth mindset versus like a fixed mindset fix being that I am, who I am, this is what I am, where growth is, like you're open to new experiences and changes and no, that's going to help shape you in defining yourself in the end, there really is no right or wrong answer. Everybody is going to go about this differently, but in a world that's constantly changing, I don't know why I would aim for something that's stagnant and that's why I'm choosing to live on the farm. Yeah.