A witch and her mirror grant wishes to those seeking new identities, but as always, be careful what you wish for.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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the creature slowly entered the cave. A soft glow of light greeted him at the entrance and reflected off his silver blue skin. I was not expecting you to return so soon a female voice called out from deeper within the Father. In he went, the brighter it became to shield himself from the light. He covered his face with one hand and his naked body with the other which he shouted in a raspy voice. A woman with long white hair and a youthful appearance sat on a large rock at the end of the cave. Round lanterns dangled above her head. Beside her stood a small table, and to her left was a tall mirror covered by a gray sheet. She paid no attention to the creature as he approached, but kept her eyes on the covered mirror, which he yelled out again. Your dark magic has made its way into my house! My wife now lies dead by my own hand. He paused for a moment. Look at me! He finally said, when he realized she was still ignoring him, the young woman slowly turned her head and looked at the creature with a cold, dead stare. Her milky white eyes were bordered by deep black scars that ran down her face as though they were tears. Her gaze seemed to penetrate through him to his core. You brought this upon yourself! She said with disdain. How dare you! The creature began! It was you! And that damn mirror! You! You made me get the mirror and curse me for it! I never wanted this! The witch rose from her seat as she did. The chains that bound her wrists to the rock became visible and clinked loudly, echoing through the cave. Slave of passion and desire! She said in a taunting manner, while taking a step forward. Her extremely pale skin was bright against her well fitted black dress. You came to me, she continued. You needed me in exchange for the cold waters. I gave you precious gems, and you were more than happy to take them. You thought perhaps she would turn to you if you could provide her with more than your brother. But when she ran into his arms, your heart hardened, and you returned to me in exchange for the mirror. I offered your brother's heart and you reduced it to dust. We both got what we wanted. After she finished, the Witch directed her attention to the mirror. The mirror! The mirror did this to me! After I cut my hand on it when I brought it here, the creature shouted Full. The mirror only shows you what you are what you have allowed yourself to become the Which corrected. She moved closer to the mirror and ran her hand slowly down the gray sheet that covered it. Your change was unexpected, but if it happened to you, it can happen to all who have been here! And stood before it. The Witch pulled the sheet off the mirror, revealing the carved silver work that surrounded it as the frame. She stared at the mirror with a look of power and possibility gleaming in her eyes. Raising her left hand, the Witch tapped the mirror and it quickly cracked. The shards fell to the floor of the cave. The Witch reached out her hand over the fragments. Soon they were caught up in a gust of wind and taken outside through the mouth of the cave. Now, said the Witch, all will be as they really are.