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there Waas, a black berry tree on the bank off their river, a monkey that lived on the tree and the crocodile that lived in the river became really close friends. The monkey treated the crocodile with sweet blackberries. The crocodile shared the blackberries with its wife. Once a crook, a thought struck the wife crooked. I, if the BlackBerry is given by the monkey, are so sweet the monkey that it all the blackberries should definitely be sweeter. The wife crocodile persuaded the husband crocodile toe. Bring the monkey so that it could eat the sweet monkey. The poor husband crocodile acted accordingly. The monkey did not suspect anything, so it accepted and sat on the crocodile's back. The journey began on the way home. The crocodile opened the secret. Look, my friend, my wife enjoys the BlackBerry. She's so eager toe eat you because she's sick things that you would be sweeter. The monkey understood the situation and replied, Ah ha! My heart is the sweet spot it me, my friend. If you had said this earlier, I would have brought my heart long. Please take me back. I shall return with my heart. The crocodile in greed took the monkey back to the tree, the monkeys prying up the tree and then said I should not have had friendship with such a person. I'm sorry, Crocodile. You may leave you.