Female Voice Over Talent

Charlee Redman delivers professional voiceovers immediately!

Charlee Redman's voice is clear, hip, and engaging. She's versatile and warm, and her range of style fits any voice over application. She does terrific conversational deliveries, character reads, tutorials and everything from soft-sell sleek to over the edge hard-sell. She can be sexy, deep and sultry, rock and roll edgy, or girl-next-door sweet and upbeat.

And just like you and your organization - Charlee's voice is highly distinctive and unique!

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It’s quite simple . . . if you’re not happy with your voice over artist,
then Charlee isn’t happy with herself either!

Charlee has a guaranteed policy that if you receive voice over work
that “doesn’t work” for you, it will be re-voiced and produced again.

It’s all a matter of being a PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER TALENT.

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