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is a great quality. It is the first order of heaven. By the time discipline is meant according to rules, the rule is a standard laid down for guiding action, behavior, etcetera. The term discipline, therefore means that all our actions should be done perfect with certain principle on our rules laid down for guiding us in the night path, it teaches a self control and self restraint. It produces a sense of duty. There is discipline in heavily body stars and planets. The order growth and decay show that there is discipline everywhere in nature, schools and colleges cannot run without discipline. Discipline makes us civilized. It teaches us respect for laws, games and sports make the players discipline. Discipline brings long order, a very disciplined person always done his work sincerely and honestly, there is no discipline in the society. People shall act as the police discipline keeps. Within an order, we learn to respect the views and rights of others. Where there is discipline, there is order without order and discipline. There can be no peace in society.