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A wide range of audio book themes and narrator style in American English, British and even a little Russian Accent.

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This is from The Romanoff Prophecy by Steve Berry. The Russian read the page slowly, then said, Definitely Lenin. I am familiar with his writing style. Too curious. My thought exactly. Machine goes, eyes lit up. Surely the not believe those stories that two of the royal family survived the execution. That yet Catherine Berg, he shrugged. To this day, the bodies of Alexey an anesthesia have never been found. Now this But Schenck Oh, grinned. Americans really are conspiratorialist. So a plot into everything. It's my job at the moment. What? Being American? A conspiratorialist or a CIA agent? All three. I suppose you are a charming man, Mr Lord, but that does not do you justice? No, not charming. Your President Kennedy. And later Clinton. Yes, they were charming. You are clever. You like chess? Yes, I do. But I don't play. And why not? As a chess player, Mr Poroshenko, I'm charming. Marvin is the proud owner of a ticket, nor to magic wand or a laser sword. But a ticket with special powers. The power to transport Marvin into the middle of the Jurassic era, or the middle of Alfa Centauri. A ticket that provides entry into a room filled with thousands of butterflies or big giant insects. The torch lit chamber had the terrible stench of death looming in the air. Sullen voices of the condemned cried out from adjacent cells with pleads of mercy. The strong arms of burly guards were steadily dragging a Katie in the commander of Pharaoh's chariots. Down the stairs toward the center of the killing chamber, he caught a quick glance of the man in charge lurking in the shadows. I beg you, my lord, why have you had my men arrest me like a common criminal? Have I not served you well? A que tion! Beseeched the man, My loyal friend. Unfortunately, this deed is necessary for the very survival of our empire, the voice replied. No one can ever learn the extent and depth of this deception, a que tion thought to himself, Deception. What deception isn't of which he speaks. As the man approached a Katie in said, But, my lord, you must believe me. I would never betray your The men pressed a finger to his lips as if to quiet his lifelong friend. He knew when a Cady in had been given the assignment his reward would be the tip of a dagger snow white chapter one a wish Once upon a time in midwinter, when snowflakes fell from the sky like feathers, a queen set sewing at a window with an ebony frame. Quietly, she worked on a beautiful dress she hoped to wear for the king's return. From the small village below the castle, the barking of dogs and shouts of playing Children rang fatefully through the air. Thin trails of smoke rose from the snow covered houses and in the distance ah, horse drawn sleigh spent brightly jingling through the winter scene. You didn't tell her, Penelope Bridget in would have said more and in fact would have liked to say more. But words were difficult, what with their mouth hanging slack. Her husband had just returned from a mad dash across the south of England with his three brothers in pursuit of his sister, Eloise, who had, by all accounts, run off to a lope with Oh, dear God, is she married? Penelope asked frantically. Colin tossed his hat on a chair with a clever little twist of his wrist. Not yet, he replied. Billy looked at his hands. They were normal. Eight fingers and two thumbs. No scales, a clause. But something was different, a ring littered on his right index finger. Somehow it looked familiar. The stone reflected everything about him. Even his worried face as the eyes red glow deepened, believes, features morphed. His ears grew long and pointed, and his mouth stretched out wide and toothy. Within seconds, the transformation was complete.