Character Voices/Impressions



Eperience the many voices of Chris Thomas. Often times he is 2-3 voices in the same spot! Delivering various character voices in many different tones/deliveries plus impersonations for Hal 9000, Elmo, Andy Rooney, Scooby-Doo and more!

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Chris Thomas. Was it really a turtle? Yeah. I'm a hard shell, living in my own man. Cave Kind of turtle. Hello there. What are you scanning for? You know, you can trust me. So you're the tour, but need to bash to get Mrs more meat. You'll pay for that. There's no money in the budget for your rays. So how long have you been with the company? Not counting. Tomorrow we shall destroy you di insects. Everyone loves me. I have never met a man that did not want to be me. Here. Correct, young feller. Howdy. I'm sure. If Q Law come to order, come to order. Shall we begin? Our plan is working, Mayor. All field agents are reporting in regular Autobots. Roll outs. Dear Dad, it's been an interesting week. Monday, I attempted another takeoff. Looking good. Josh, It's a beautiful day. I think he could do without your advice. Can you and my friends grouping there is going to say how you think, Scooby, It was gonna go eat pickles. Now, how many pairs of shoes do you think it would take? The Philip that sailed a river? If goats were converse shoes, do you think they would automatically be good at basketball? My Mandy Rooney