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I voice Pogo in PBS Kids series, Jelly, Ben & Pogo! Here are some clips from episode 1 \"Room To Go\".

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Finally, I need your help right now. Mhm. No, everything is not okay. We're going to the mountains and that is so far away. I want to bring something that reminds me of home, but I can't decide what I should have because that means I'm leaving something else behind. Okay. I definitely need this sandcastle pogo. I'll just take the sand. Oh, I just wish I could bring my whole room. It's where I feel safe and comfy. Well, why can't I? I need to bring things that remind me of home only small enough to carry when I'm traveling far. Yes, this rock looks like my drawer. Now, all I need is to fit in my bed. Perfect. That's just what it needed. Now. I'll have my favorite problem solvers with me to now when I'm in the mountains home won't seem so far.