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enter a few guys with boards under their arms and a fire in their eyes. Not Americans, not Australians, Hawaiians or South Africans. Brazilians. They looked at the jersey, saw a life changing opportunity and pounced surfing the only way they knew how their way. Based in Los Angeles, Southern California gas of the largest gas utility in the country. With over 100,000 miles of pipeline delivering natural gas, often under high pressure, they face risk every day. But in 2017, that core value was put to the test December 2017. The largest wildfire in modern California history breaks out. It decimated land and communities in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and left escorts Terrain vulnerable. Can't help but compare yourself to the generations before you. We all hear the stories, their strength and their courage. Pure grit can't help but wonder what they would have done in these times. Turns out tough times made tough. People are pioneers. Were adventures and problem solvers ready for everything? If something wasn't working, they fixed it. Always pushing forward Change is constant, but tough. People haven't changed a bit. Kyle almost dropped the bottle of tequila into the bathtub when he heard his mother's tires roll over the rocky driveway next to his house. His buddy Joe took a long pole in their carefully rolled Dutch master Blunt. But one day they don't wanna wait a few minutes before sparking up. She actually comes back home Five minutes after she leaves for work, It looked out the tiny bathroom window and saw her getting out of her old rundown Kia Park. Now behind Kyle's equally beat up 96 Nissan Sentra, the car was one of the only things his father left behind when he bolted.