This is from an episode of a Superman series I am a part of (voice of superman)

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Anger, frustration, pain. Shows a small amount of my vocal range.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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under six. Baggy. They look like they need an ambulance. I should try to get these people to the hospital first. No. When did that ever stop you, Captain? No, that could bring everything in the area down and kill you. I don't want that, John. Please stand down and let's talk. Power is everything, John. It's what you do with it. Look around you. Look at what you don't with that power. At what cost people could have died powers. Nothing without restraint, John. Without compassion, without thought. Power is not all there is. You've never been useless, John. No one is. You were a hero before you did this to yourself. Powers do not make someone useful or a hero. It's what they are inside. That's the true source of power, John. The oldie. Would that batter's go? Now? You see, John, no words over powerless so long as they sped up, so long as they have heart. Do you replaced your heart with that stone? Thank you. Should get out of here before it gets any worse. I can handle this lead Strength isn't about being able to do anything. It's about pushing through. No matter how hard. Do better if you will die because it's the right thing to do. Just like the people of this city showed you. Like. Captain Sawyer did what you do when you feel powerless. Whatever you get back up that strength, that's the real power, John. It's how you learn that you will never have it. I hope to help you understand that. John. I failed to you, but I won't start trying. Captain, it's over. He will need all of your resource is to contain him. But he's down. Be gentle with him, please. Almost was. I think that doesn't give me the right to treated poorly. What? He's down. He's misguided. Agree these modifications. I have no idea what they might have. Don't toe psychologically, but his choices air on his head and mind or on my own. So I choose to treat him as I do and hope he's better for it. Let's hope not, Dan. Let's always hope. Finishing up on the article on inter gigs, mysterious benefactors. I thought that was your plan, that you follow the ones that pulled you away when you delve deep and boob, maybe right on track to fight in your bad woman. Multiple people. Whoever was that was behind Lois. Well, if I don't want reporter, always figure out this mystery. Nobody's on you. Andrew. Two Pulitzer Prizes. Yes, it was. Ah, cheese. Hold on, Lois. I need to go clean this up. Sorry, Jim. Gotta go. Fixes. But somewhere would be swell if you could. Thanks. Don't worry. Don't worry. I've got you.