Inspirational Warm Engaging - Commercial - English with slight accent

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Not formal, not announcer-like, my voice is warm and welcoming with genuine energy. joyous and excited, warm and friendly. Welcoming and a little bit provocative.

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Young Adult (18-35)


German North American (General)


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greetings from the edge, a magical place where inside meets opportunity where grocery stores have psychic powers and sensors can connect in a heartbeat, allowing doctors to keep pace with patients. Because saving time isn't nearly as important as shaving time, a place that isn't really someplace, but every place so that it's simultaneously innovating at the tip of an iceberg, reinventing on the floor of the stock market and making decisions wherever your data lives. A place where people, devices and things connect and where that data creates insights and those insights create opportunities. But to fully realize them, you need a secure edge to cloud platform that's not just build for today but is helping build your tomorrow so that while the rest of the world is moving as fast as possible, you're able to transform as fast as impossible. My friends, this is much more than the center of innovation. This is the edge of it, join us.