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Kennedy Center Honors Reel

Voice Over • Documentaries


Honoree announcement video reel for the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors.

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It is the privilege of the artist to help man endure by lifting up his heart. Nothing lifts the heart like laughter And you make me know that everything's gonna be all right. We can laugh together for over 40 years. The Kennedy Center has been honoring comic genius. Our world is richer because you are part of it. This year we honor a comic genius who has enriched us all. A consummate actor, a best selling author, a gifted showman, a living legend of laughter. Our national treasure, **** Van ****. As president Kennedy said in a democratic society, the highest duty of the writer. The composer. The artist is to remain true to himself and let the chips fall where they may remaining true to oneself is indeed the hallmark of a great artist, especially those who tell their truth through music through words and music. He tells his life story, which is in many ways America's story And the one common thread through all of it is truth. For over 40 years, the Kennedy Center has been honoring artists to unite story and song in the service of truth. This year we honor a singular singer songwriter, a country boy with crossover might an award winner who never lost the heart of the people. The legendary garth brooks, a sense of the beautiful is an immortal instinct deep within the spirit of man. That immortal instinct creates immortal songs. Songs of struggle, songs of justice, songs of triumph. When we hear your music, it touches our hearts and our conscience. For over 40 years, the Kennedy Center has been honoring iconic singer songwriters devoted to changing the world with their music. This year, we honor an artist of unique empathy, a poet of the people, a singer for society who reaches deeply within herself and shares her immortal voice with all humanity. The incomparable joan baez President Kennedy said I look forward to in America that will not be afraid of grace and beauty. No performing art embodies grace and beauty quite like dance the same generous grace that she brings to the dance, the same controlled, abandoned. These are gifts that she has shared with the next generation of artists. For over 40 years, the Kennedy Center has been honoring dancers whose movement has moved our heart. This year we honor a woman who began as a dancer, became a singer and actress, a choreographer, a director and producer, an artist whose talent knows no bounds. The extraordinary Debbie Allen, President Kennedy's vision was to set artists free to follow their vision wherever it might take them. Mhm. Music has the capacity to unite the world, play what you wish the world to be. For over 40 years, the Kennedy Center has been honoring musicians who's playing has made the world what they wished it to be. Mhm. This year we honor a child prodigy, a cultural icon, a violin virtuoso, a global citizen whose music has transformed the world the inevitable medullary A.