Beer Spec : Guy Next Door - Inspirational - Casual - Real Person

Television Ad


A recent call-to-arms spot intended to inspire authenticity and reflection.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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How did we get here? We're keeping in touch by just scrolling through our feeds. There's a depth that we're missing. He's quick passing glimpses of each other's lives lack context, essence and emotion. The backstories of God. We've lost the narratives. Let's reset and realize what we're leaving behind. Beneath every post and every picture there was a story, ones that are full of vibrant energy in frantic moments, stories that activate the senses, breathe beauty and illustrate adventures or describe the unbelievable crafting ambience and perspective. Let's get together and recapture the details. Get immersed in the how and the why. What did they see? What did they feel? Let's listen to each other's voices. Ask questions. Let's make our phones lonely for a bit. There's something special about hearing a story way. Get absorbed in it way experienced the subtleties, body language, laughter, tears, eye contact. It's how we bond and connect. There's magic in them. That's what we've lost by only scrolling in a feed. Let's stop channel surfing, the people we care about and let's go, Let's go collect stories again