The Old Man and the Suit (Irish short story)



An extract from an Irish short story commissioned for the Costa Short Story Awards

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Senior (55+)


Irish (General)


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What do you see? A man asks the boy. The boy says nothing, and the silence between them is sweet and full of the old man's love. Pay attention, boy, he smiles and wings. What do you see when you see a man in a suit? Tell me what you see. The boys has nothing because he knows his grandfather's voice and cannot hear the shape of a question. Listen, says the old man. One pair of trousers has 57 parts. 57 grandfather says Maliki and knots. Before you cut, hesitate, the old man raises his finger. You think of the pleasure you want to give. How you were suggests perfection, how the 57 parts will become one that is the job of the tailor. When the old man bends again to the linen on his lap, Maliki seized the curve on his grandfather's back on the old man's need. Beard resting on his chest, Maliki sits up straight and hopes he will not grow too tall and stoop over his work until his tie disappears under his chin.