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This is a sample from an animated superhero movie I did back in 2018. My voice is still the same as it was before. The full film is on YouTube on my channel called “Corey Djokester.”

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What are you all doing here? This is a danger zone. We need footage for tonight's episode episode. This is no ordinary episode. There are dead bodies all over the place. And are the one of you can be next. This is a danger zone. Get out now while you still can turn the camera off. I need to do an investigation but we need this for the news. This is a danger zone. Do you understand? Yes sir. Hey, you can't just barge in here and mess up our operation Operation Operation. There won't be another operation unless you all escaped right now. Do you not realize the countless numbers of dead bodies that I have encountered? Yes, we understand that and that's why we need to warn the people that there are dead bodies all over the city. They could be next. We could be next for all. We know you could be next. We never know. I appreciate your assistance, ma'am. But this is dangerous. Okay, there's a villain out here and we need to find him and stop him before this gets worse. Do you want to be on the ground next? Um No, not really. And you have to comply, please. But we need to warn the people, ma'am. Listen, you have to leave now. You have to go. Otherwise you're gonna be next. You too. Cameraman. We do have to go now. No, we're not going anywhere until we get the story straight. Look lady, you and your partner needs to get out. No.