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Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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Courtney, Rosemont class. Just saw me take a dive. What a dork. Dork. Peter Carlson. You couldn't look like a dork if your life depended on it. I think you're the coolest kid in school. We were totally gonna invite you. Remember? No way would be to be really guy. Oh, no, I'm not going to scared. And please don't give me the story about being a princess because I don't want to be a princess. I want to be an urban planner. If you let me go, I'll clean my room. I'll wash the Carl do May Homer, go walk the dog. I like to help others. So I always give me extra money to chip. Come on, Max. It's time for dinner. I'll make you a turkey sandwich. It Oh, a NCIS of me a morning meal. I have orders to take you to command center. Right there. Right there. Here. My favorite game is hula hooping because I get a wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my hips, hips, hips. And it's really but one time or smoking a master's room. And I took a bite of an apple that was sitting off of his disk. Yeah,