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Transcription from The Walking Dead: Season Four: \"The Final Season\" Prologue - Clementine's Story Thus Far

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when the dead started walking, I was small and alone until a man named lee became my protector. We protected other people too. But he couldn't save everyone. You can never save everyone. The living were just as dangerous as the dead. A woman in our group named lily lost her dad and then she just couldn't cope. She took the life that lee saved. We left her on the side of the road lee taught me how to survive. He protected me as long as he could, but he got bit because of me. And even in the end he was still teaching keep that hair short, just not worth the risk. We wouldn't make it. He knew it was the end. He made one final request. He asked me to shoot him and I did. I met another group after that broken people running from their past. There was a woman who gave birth to a boy named Alvin Junior. A. J. He made it, but the mom didn't and I started to take care of him. But then jane left AJ in the snow. We thought he was gone forever. That was the last straw for Kenny and without lee around, I had to make the call. I couldn't and Kenny killed jane. It turned out a J. Was alive, jane hit him to make a point knowing what they've done. I still decided we were better together for AJ sake like everything else. It wouldn't last. A J. And I traveled to a new frontier. I thought we'd found something that worked, but I was wrong again. They took a J from me, said I was too young to take care of him. I fought back, but I wasn't strong enough. I searched for a long time. Just when I gave up hope, I found him. We're searching together now for a place we can call home on all AJ has. He's all I have and I will protect him with my life just like he did for me.