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This reading is about finding your core purpose. I read this sample to inspire, teach, and motivate the listener.

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Not long ago I read a passage in a book about a guy who bought a house with a bamboo stand growing near his driveway. He decided to get rid of it. So he cut it down, then took an ax to its roots and smashed them into little pieces. He dug down and removed as much of the root system as he could and then he poured a plant poison over what remained. He filled the hole with several feet of gravel and then taking no chances, paved it over with cement. two years later he noticed something little green bamboo shoot pushing up through the cement. That bamboo was unquenchable. It could not stop pushing upward. We have something like that inside ourselves. It is our desire. We are often taught by our culture that we are primarily thinking beings, **** sapiens, sometimes our schools and companies treat us as nothing but analytical brains, but when we're in the valley, we get a truer and deeper view of who we really are and what we really need. When we're in the valley, our view of what's important in life is transformed. We begin to realize that the reasoning brain is actually the third most important part of our consciousness. The first and most important part is the desiring heart as the Augustinian scholar James K. A smith writes to be human is to be on the move, pursuing something after something. We are like existential sharks. We have to move to live. There's some deep part of ourselves from where desire flows. We're defined by what we desire, not by what we know, Look at kids in a school play, singing with all their might dancing as best they can, concentrating furiously to get it right. There is something in them that animates them the dream of being a star, the drive of pleasing a teacher or making a difference in the world or simply being great. The world may do a good job of paving over their desires, but those green bamboo shoots push stubbornly upward. Cruel adults and broken relationships will do their best to break the green shoots, boring schools try to doll them, poverty tries to starve them, but if you look at kids in even the roughest circumstances, nine times out of 10, the green chute is still there, desiring dreaming, pushing upward.