The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb - Humorous nonfiction

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This is a clip from \"The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb,\" a humorous book of study helps that I produced for Audible. It is available there now. This is a real delivered project, not a fake one.

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I want to be more like Einstein, chuck your keyboard and grab a pencil or a pen. Personally, I like fountain pens. The point. ISS handwriting. Your notes will help you learn better typing, maybe a quick way to get thoughts on paper. But the cognitive process that is involved is just not the same more about that below. When we write the old fashioned way, we help our brains help us. The problem with typing, according to Allison AC, is that we transcribe a lot of what the teacher says when we have the convenience of a keyboard at our fingertips. But transcribing isn't learning. When we write notes down by hand, we have to do more than just take every word down. We have to think through what we hear, filter out the less important information and summarize These are all skills that help us understand the information, which means we learn it better. Even students who were told to summarize and condense their notes when typing ended up transcribing anyway. According to AC, the temptation to not miss anything was just too dang strong. Let's take a look at what the power of the pencil looks like in concrete terms, shall we tip? Embrace your inner chicken scratch. Bribe yourself by making it more enjoyable. Use pens or pencils or paper that you like, select in bright colors and glittery Inc If that floats your boat, record the class. If you are really, really concerned that you will miss some super duper important syllable from your teachers mouth, ask whether you can record the class. The teacher may not let you, but if he does, you will feel more comfortable weaning yourself off of typing your notes. Steal someone else's notes. Okay, so your teacher didn't let your record or you don't have a recorder or whatever, find a classmate who insists on typing copious notes and ask whether he can share them with you after class.