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in our last episode. Full legal know how can have a hanging people week or you know what today is limited. You got to be the 25th anniversary of when Al Gore invented global warming. Tonight, everyone's favorite crusty old curmudgeon, Andy Rooney, takes a crap on 60 Minutes the other day I was having trouble with my crapper. Now I know that in polite society and on television there called restrooms. But when I was in the Navy, they work rappers. So that's good enough for me. This is John the Dairy farmer. These are his cows. Moo Lulu. John works hard to keep his cows happy. Healthy moo moo moo moo and profitable. Move. Joe, You see the game this weekend? Did you see the movie that was on after love? Letters from Liam. Hi, folks. I'm Harvey. The army. The A C A beauty. I saw one just like it to Brutus this morning. Said he was gonna take Caesar for around waiting to find out who would be dumb enough to hire I e. I am not SpongeBob, but I play one on TV, though. Is is it true what they say about oysters being Ah Tien on. Get a room, Jace. Fricking mollusc go. I think about skating shock Shell fish. *******! York City Crowds mingle in mid down for this mighty metropolis making for the magnificence of the fable Nokia Theater? Yeah, like a large coffee and blueberry muffin and low fixed rate mortgage. Please done, Bardo Saturday Night Live. In our last episode, I'll try to get Dudley do right on his cell phone. You've reached the cellular telephone of Officer Dudley. Do right of the Royal Canadian Mounties. If you wish to speak with Officer, doesn't the right of the Royal Canadian Mounties. That's me. Press one Don't gonna. Them coming them coming. Okay, most let's get show on road. Hey, everybody, He tells like someone else did. Arriving probable. That annoying Canadians. Cobb justly do, Officer do right is barely inside Bull wrinkles. Bungalow is assaulted a Mountie Yo suck! However, our mild mannered Mountie is also known for his razor retort And quick come back. Well, as we say in the Mounties, Mr Boris, sticks and stones may break my bones. I knew that one in the great one more bullet girl coming up for Mitt, the birth baton off! The officer do right? Are you OK? Oh, yes. I love parties and I love to sing the rug. Comeere! Yeah, Bullwinkle! I just checked out. Died Do right Tours, heads a flat. Should be cool. Tripoli were Natasha and Boris Bunk at Bull Vehicles bungalow. Will Dudley be able to fit that flat and fly to free his friend Nell? And it's so will he write himself a ticket for driving drunk? And who's going to clean up all those empty party girl battles? Nerd me? Join us for our next exciting episode. Two peas in a pod or we ain't got a pod to pee in.