Letters From Atlanta - By Andrew C Zinn - Chapter 2 Part 1

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I recorded this demo from reading the book I got from the author. I am friends with him personally. I also contributed to a magazine in NYC with Dave Wolff of AEA zine. It is now in digital medium but it was a printed running magazine since 1996. This is the second piece of audio on his book.

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Chapter two. We arrived at the pub rather quickly. I had to assume that the driver had been there a few times. I got my bag out of the trunk and went inside. The pub was cleverly titled The Drinkers Choice. This was some place, all men and no woman inside, and none of them were smiling. A few of the patrons were even passed out at the bar. I looked around for the cleanest seat and realized that the bathroom was not a separate room, one toilet and a urine over in planes say that the corner of the pub. I surmised that this was an architectural decision that was made for convenience sake. I found it next to clean chair and sat myself down. A man wandered to my table and said, Never seen you here before, Made I am from out of town, I replied, Oh, you're an American. Yes, I'm from Atlanta. He asked if he could join me, and I told him to have a scene. He asked me why I was visiting London. I told them some ******** about some sightseeing or whatever. Then I simply came out and said what I wanted from him. Do you know where I could score some smack? His face lit up and he started to look at me. Funny. Oh, so you want some dope? Hey, mate, he asked. Yes, I reply. Then I asked him why he called me. Me? I thought that was an Australian thing. He told me that he was originally from Australia, but he moved to England at about age eight. He told me that his accent has changed the mostly English but the maid has always stuck with him. It was a small tribute to his homeland. After getting that out of the way, we got back to business and getting to know you matters.