Dan Daniels is a man of many talents. Dan is a full time Pastor of Shasta Valley Baptist Church ((Website hidden)) in Montague, CA. Dan is the owner and Luthier at New Traditions Dulcimers and Wood Works ((Website hidden)) in Yreka, CA building fine, handcrafted musical instruments.

But what's important for you is that Dan is a Voice actor at Shasta Sound Studio ((Website hidden)).

Dan has been voice acting since 2000 and enjoys every minute of it.

Dan's voice is Conversational, Inspirational, Warm, Friendly, Easy, Can be Direct & Authoritative, "Guy Next Door" no Monster Trucks or '80's DJ here!


Dan's voice sells our instruments.
President, New Traditions Dulcimers

"Wow, you are fast. Thank YOU."
Brandy Foust
The Video Bridal Guide

"Hello Dan,
WOW! You are doing a great job on the book I appreciate so much all the extra effort you are putting in to this project. This tells me a lot about you. I am really pleased with the project. I finished listening to all nine chapters. They are great."
Dennis Caplinger
DenSu Publishing

“Dan’s voice carried our video production. We WILL use him again and again.”
Baltimore, MD

“Dan’s fast, friendly, and professional service exceeded our expectations and made our civic project shine!”
City of Pagosa

“Dan, thank you for your prompt and genuine service. Your voice is comforting, like the guy next door, and our patients really responded to it.”
Dr. VanNees

“Dan, voices.com was right, you’re great!”

"Dan, thanks for the great job. Our customers constantly comment on our new voice when they call."
SVR Industries

"Dan, your reading of our e-book is truly inspirational. We have had nothing but great feedback from our customers. Thanks in Christ."
The Reader Ministries

WHAT voices.com HAS TO SAY:

Dan Daniels is "Not your ordinary VO ... but do you really want to sound like all the rest?" Warm, male, conversational, inspirational, and friendly ... isn't that what you want in a Voice Over?

Dan Daniels has the voice that will reach your clients and customers. Dan provides professional and timely service for your voice over project.

"Outdoorsy, a corporate clincher, and at times, even chilled out, Dan Daniels' voice talents will raise the bar for your next project with skillfully executed voice-over performances"

Contact Dan Daniels by phone, (Phone hidden) or by email, (Email hidden)

"...why would you want your project to sound like the rest?"

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