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fans for staying with US fresh concerns this evening about a trend that is fuelling the spread off HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson has pointed toe infected all the men having sex with Virgin girls, believing the myth could cure them of the virus. The minister was speaking at the National Family Planning Board's annual retreat yesterday, about which Dwayne Anderson reports Jamaica, like so many other countries, is yet to fully contain the HIV AIDS epidemic. However, strides are being made, at least in the areas ofthe education and prevention. According to a health survey, over 70% off sexually active Jamaicans are using more contraceptives such as condoms, which are critical in containing the spread off the sexually transmitted infections. What they are three factors which are hindering the AIDS prevention campaign we need to overcome its including the widely held belief that sex with a virgin can curb HIV needs. Our cure HIV needs the high level of sexual relationship, our relations between older men on young girls on a persistently style anti gape environment which all contribute to the stigmatisation and discrimination off infected on DH affected persons. I was strong religious culture also impedes frank and honest discussion about matters ofthe sexuality. Added to those challenges. The fact that Jamaica will know have to find most of its HIV and AIDS related programmes. As you know, more than 80% off the amounts pen on the programme each year was from external funding, very happy that in moving towards country ownership, we know spend somewhere about 46 movinto 50% towards that programme with representatives off the United Nation's Population Fund on the United Nations Children for in attendance. The minister made this appeal. We need your continued support and I look at the global fund. So until the financial position off international agencies change, Jamaica will have to find other ways to fund its AIDS awareness on prevention programmes. Doing Anderson CVM news still on health The Health Ministry continues to warn off the presence of a strain off influenza in Jamaica, which has caused death in some Caribbean islands. The ministry has identified this as a virus subtype. A H one, director of Emergency Disaster Management and Special Services Dr Maren Bullock to cars says three cases off this type of flu have been seen in the last four weeks, but no deaths have been reported. The symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, headache and body aches and fatigue. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea may also be experienced. The presence of a deadly strain of this subtype has prompted the Health Ministry toe warn Jamaicans about the importance ofthe observing good hygiene practises. Meanwhile, CVM has learned that doctors have diagnosed the H one n one flu in one case on the patient is now in a critical condition. He is reportedly in intensive care at a hospital. Persons experiencing flu like symptoms are being advised to stay home and take a regular flu medications until they are well. If the symptoms persist, they should visit their doctor, health centre or hospital immediately on. The ministry is refuting claims that there is a shortage of polio vaccines in Jamaica. Although admitting there was a problem in the supply, Opposition spokesman on finance on DH JLP leadership aspirin toward the shore made the assertions, claiming that the shortage are rose because ofthe payment arrangements that have gone awry. We've run out of polio vaccine in Jamaica polio vaccine in this day and age. However, in our sharp response on Friday, the ministry said it is not true, but noted there was a supply problem which resulted in the activation ofthe special arrangements between March and April this year. This, the ministry said, was occasioned by the arrival of damaged batches which were not used. The regular information or the regular imputation of polio vaccine resumed in the first weeks off June off this year. 15 year old national netball a Shakira machete who was among four persons who died in last month's bus crash in Manchester was laid to rest today in an emotional funeral That storey later on in the newscast and in our storey CVM, has been traffic tracking veteran Jamaica Labour Party member of parliament Cancel Buddha has been staunch in his dismissal of calls for him to apologise over the rift involving one of his counsellors. Casa Muda ejected Susan Senior from his constituency office, having her belongings packed in a bug and sent to her via taxi. This came after Messina declared her support for leadership challenger or the shore. Damon Phillips reports the allegations against a member of parliament for North Central's and Andrew Carson Buddha have disgusted members in the Early Show camp. Some Buddha was accused of packing bags with items belonging to Suzanne, senior counsellor for the Norbert division and sending them on a taxi to her home. And they're after refusing her entry or use off the constituency office again. There is a belief that this is because of her public support for order. Shows bid for leadership of the GOP going against Mr Samoud a support for Andrew Holness. But getting her or cars some order to go into the details about the sequence of events was not happening. But we're in. Everything's thrown on what happened at the consequence of his movie montage, Milliman on which to discuss that at all? No, not at all. I'm too embarrassing. No, I'm not talking about embarrassment or anything. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm happy. And, uh oh, the respect. You won't mention what took place? No, I am not oddly shot and I'm sticking with the esses. She just wants to leave things as they are and move on. But the woman's Freedom movement on affiliate off the Jamaica Labour Party on Friday called for Mr Sabuda toe offer an immediate apology. According to Margaret Grant, president off the movement. The action by Mr Buddha is not only disgraceful, but indicates a growth lack of respect for the hard working woman off Jamaica. But Friday called someone a dismissed calls for an apology and rubbished the opinions of individuals who are seeking Toe added their voice to the developments. You're admiring fun. Definitely, sir. It is absolute rubbish. Good. That's it. So no apology. Apology? Okay, I apologise to people who don't know anything about what happens in my constituency now. Absolute rubbish. In the meantime, the electoral commission is yet to receive an official complaint from the counsellor on. At least one member explained that based on what is already revealed, it would be worth examining. No, it has not been brought us either by Suzanne or anybody else. That doesn't mean that as a commissioner, not connected. But it would, you know, expire early for us. We have got no complaint about it, but with hostility is running at fever pitch. The oversight bodies may have a difficult time cooling tensions in the lead up to November 10, Election Day on before I make up please, as I have done before to both sides to rein in your support. US. Iranian, the party member, senior party members that are supporting one another, not really looking. Oh, for on the decision. But it won't change. I finally finished with them. I have moved on. Damon Phillips. See them News. A man wanted in Connexion with murder and shooting within 10 charges. Ensign Catherine was among three persons arrested as the police swooped down on premises in New Haven in Sudan. Drew The raid, which was conducted as part of Operation Resilience, also resulted in the seizure of an M 16 assault rifle, a magazine with 27 rounds of ammunition on 18 9 millimetre cartridges. Military paraphernalia, including jackets, pants and boots, as well as several cellular phones, digital sim cards and memory cards on a laptop computer were also recovered. The identities of the person stick me into custody, having withheld pending further investigations. The Foreign Affairs Ministry has confirmed that two Jamaicans were on a boat which capsised seven miles off Miami Beach and Wednesday morning, the Jamaican consulate in Miami said the Jamaican men have been identified as evident Jones and Matthew Williams, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign affairs criminal charges in Connexion with immense attempts to illegally enter the United States by boat. We're five against them. A day later, Jones and Williams are to answer the charges in the U. S. District Court of Southern Florida, 15 migrants from Haiti, Bahamas and Jamaica had boarded the motorboat. Four of those all females, died during the ordeal. Meanwhile, The Associated Press is reporting that one survivor faces a charge off attempted smuggling. He, according to other survivors, were seen speaking with a known human smuggler in the Bahamas just before the journey began. On backto on earlier storey of 15 year old national netball, a Shakira machete who was among four persons who died in last month's bus crash in Manchester was laid to rest day. In an emotional funeral, Mourners in the Manchester community packed the Prince of Peace, more even church, bidding their final goodbyes to Shakira Machete, the National Net. Bhalla, whose life ended tragically last month in the horrific crash Musetta, 15 year old student of the home of Technical High school, was a well loved and well respected national player who was among the four killed along the Chudler main road. Hundreds gathered in the church, including her former teammates, who filed past her casket just before the start of the service. Among the Mourners were the political representatives for northeast and northwest Manchester Orly. Shawn did nothing during the funeral programme to conceal his personal brief, but expressed relief. The new school bus system was working and I see the coast are busted driving up the hill in good order. No speeding, no tinted glass, no loud music on I see One morning I saw one of the girls sitting in the front of the bus and she opened her books and she was looking on going over for work. That is what we want to ensure that our Children journey to school in dignity. On inside. Similar sentiments were echoed by neighbouring MP Mikhail Phillips. He too, shared concerns about the state of public transportation in the Mid Island parish and was glad that order was being brought to the system. They just use Manchester as an example at the transport system like that can work because we know as legislators that government itself cannot afford for that system in its totality way, want knows who have jumped onto this idea to continue. We want even the officiating pastor expressed displeasure with a conduct of public transport drivers Reverend Peter Jones had. The drivers must be brought on the greater scrutiny to prevent future loss of lives. I want to warn you, I want to warn you because you are taking people, not yourself alone on DH. Every life in your vicar, you are responsible for ends. You need Toby Much caution Cautious on the road following the funeral, fellow net ballers dutifully carried out pallbearer duties. Mourners made their way in caravans to Shakira's final resting place at the family plant in Silver Grove, Manchester. At the graveside, persons were caught in a crush as many trying to get the last glimpse of Shakira Machete. Popularly known as Jackie and News overseas, J. P. Morgan Chase is currently in talks with the U. S government over a potentially huge settlement relating to the sale of mortgage related investment products. In the run up to the financial crisis, the company also revealed it could face litigation related expenses off another $6.8 billion. It is currently in talks with the US Justice Department over a potentially huge settlement related to the mis selling off mortgage related products during the housing boom. It is thought the settlement could cost as much as $11 billion. Last month, it paid $920 million to settle charges related to a trading scandal. J. P. Morgan now has a contingency fund off $23 billion to cover legal expenses. Right now, we go for a break ahead of weather watch and inspire Jamaica.