Knowing What Matters



Rhyme written by Dave M. McGowan for an upcoming ebook and a CD of rhymes.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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knowing what matters, He wrote an old McLelland that had seen better days, but he sat up there like a king who controlled all. He surveyed his mount, a buckskin mayor, as pretty as you've seen, with legs meant for working, and eyes bright and clean behind him trailed a mule, a fine example of the breed, APAC piled high with goods, but no halter or a lead. I asked him where he's headed, and where he might have been the reason for his travel, and what he might have seen. I've seen the greatest country that God ever made. Sometimes mountain vistas, sometimes a grassy plain. I've seen family members who make me feel ashamed, and many fellow workers who lie their way to fame. I've seen herds of caribou clicking across the plain, massive mountain Grizzlies, great horses, wild and tame. I've seen massive progress ended by greedy fools, or by those who need control and impose silly rules and others stopping growth by thinking with their heart. When simple logic tells them the horses behind the cart, we all get our little chance, but others need a turn. The younger needs some room to grow to build to learn when I've done my time. My life here is through. I don't want my final vision to be only gloom and fools. I'll be free of all that, as will the mule and mayor. We've tried the greatest land together. Scenery shared it all makes my former life shallow and pale, and now where I travel nothing is ever stale. I've had my days of wealth measured in dollars and cents, with days weeks and years surrounded by wall and fence. But now I have much more. A far greater treasure surrounded by nature's wonders. Beauty that can't be measured. Any measure of success may not be right. For all the test that has some rise up will make others fall. I hope the path I travel and the message that I preach will be heard and understood by people that I meet. No one has the right to say that my view is wrong, nor do I have the right to condemn another song. But enjoy the journey and help your fellow man. Have a laugh, and learn, and make a proper stand for something you believe, give it a proper fight. And if you should lose, and you know, you might within your heart, you'll know you did your very best and did what you thought right when put to the test.