Scottish Reel 2017

Video Narration


A seection of Scottish-voiced work including commercials, corporate, character and explainer.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Scottish (General)


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the full bodied single malt is renowned for its rich notes of Heather on Honey, which can be detected throughout our current portfolio. Off well balanced Blaine's This restless pursuit of quality on an obsession with blending excellence still persists today. The firm is a world leader. I'm one of the fastest growing premium whiskeys, and when someone with blue sneezes, they hit you with up to 5000 virus filled droplets at over 100 MPH. Having flu can hit you even harder. Values into practise is our model of service delivery on the core of what we do. V I P has three key components that we can think of is the heart hand on head of Scottish autism? It's the 1991 World Cup semi final at Murrayfield. Will Carling's England on Grand Slam winner Scotland David Saw Dottie were John Jeffrey. Hey starts his run up. It's on its way. Scotland are in the final. Indulge yourself, End your day with whiskey on party all night long. Slanting Adam were like a local. It all starts at ST Christopher's in book. Now a brand new motoring festival is coming to glass goes sec C and August on a specially constructed street circuit. See David Coltart on the Red Bull Racing Formula One team plus on track action from the stake here Me Now, when the dawn comes, everything we've built since the Cold War will no longer be safe. So I ask you when the time comes, you do what needs to be done. Making of Scotch whisky is an ancient craft that has been developed and refined over time from a cottage industry into a precision process. That's wee lassie two floors up. Died in a flat the other week overdose like she'd been there 10 days. Always good. That wee lassie was 200 quid a week. Pure profit. You know, have you got a brilliant business idea but aren't quite sure what to do next? Business Gateway can help you get your idea off the ground. We can provide valuable business advice on mind support, practical workshops and networking opportunities on DH. They're all completely free