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Davina Robinson (Mixed) Portfolio Reel

Voice Over • Television Ad


Mixed narration and commercial portfolio reel. Warm, articulate, elegant voice, sincere and confident.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


US African American


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impact investors are key to our goal of acquiring existing companies and then supporting them in our existing network of employee owned cooperatives. Our model is ideal for impact investors who want to have a true influence and know that their investment will have a lasting effect. Matchbox creates the cool vehicles you see in the real world like cars, trucks, helicopters and planes. When electric vehicles, E V S for short started to appear all over the place. We started making them too. We traveled three train lines in the north of Kyoto Prefecture through peaceful countryside and along the sea of Japan. We twine through sleepy valleys, alighting at interesting spots as we glide towards Amman Ohashi Data on the sea of Japan. We know this year has been tough, but now the vaccines are here and open to everyone 16 and older. We give our thanks for those who helped us get here to the folks calling the shots, giving the shots or getting them. We thank you our growers at the bar pretty high with Minneola tangelo shows part grapefruit tangerine with a fancy little top hat and loads of folate. We call them over the top, juicy Minneola tangelo shows grown by sun kissed somewhere. There's a river rushing through the woods while someone rushes through their day. There's a mountain looking up at the sky while someone looks down at their phone, a trail waiting to be walked while someone waits for a latte. This world is full of somewheres waiting for someone just like you. So go see yours at 154 national forests and 20 grasslands and to learn more, visit National Forest dot org, The National Forest Foundation. See yours somewhere.