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I am working as a voice actor for youtube channel.I make voice recordings about the Celebrities. This one is about Jason Momoa.

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being the most modern movie star on the planet. Jason Momoa is also in the celebrity spotlight in this video, we will show you the moments where celebrities talking about Jason Momoa but before start watching, click the like button and writing the comments, your opinion about him and now enjoy the video Amber heard and Jason's relationship began on the set of Justice League despite the whirlwind surrounding their relationship, Amber and Jason had many while filming Aquaman and even after Amber's page is filled with playful snaps from her, the moments spent together. She shared photos on her instagram page where she referred to Jason as her Aqua happy and gushed about how she enjoyed working with him. In an interview, she told that they had so much fun together and that she admires the unconditional energy of Jason daughter pair performed together in only one season of the show. Emilia Clarke and Momoa have stayed close friends over the past decade. In an interview, Clark said that it's only now she realized how fortunate she was. She described Jason as a very kind and considerate person. Clark commanded in a podcast that Jason is one of those incredibly rare people, their personality and their spirit is as big as he is. She said that he just takes up the whole world and it's beautiful senorita star, Camilla cabello couldn't contain her excitement when she met Jason. Momoa and Emilia Clarke turns out she's a massive game of Thrones fan. She admitted that she literally finished all eight seasons in a month Camilla added that it's going to take her about the whole time of this interview. To recover from this, She admitted that she had never found girls so hard in her life.