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This project was created to make change in the world. The animation was created to my recording. The client was happy with the feel of the first recording, and only asked for wording options in the pick up. You can see the video on Heart of Missouri United Way's Facebook page.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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when you think about the state of America today, what comes to mind creating a fair and more perfect union was the fundamental purpose of this country. But how do we nurture and cultivate a sense of unity when some of our neighbors don't have the same access to opportunities to thrive every day. You can ask yourself how our voices of communities impacted by inequity being brought to the forefront. What are the unintended consequences of my decisions? What response or action will I take to contribute to a more equitable society? Inequities manifest in different ways within systems. Inequity and child welfare is shown in disproportionality and the health care system. Be a health disparities in the education system. The achievement gap in economic systems, income inequality in the criminal justice system, disparate sentencing and disproportionate minority contact. Take the initiative and learn how you can become a leader in the fight for Equity. With the help of Heart of Missouri United Way's Equity Challenge. By connecting you with different tools and resources to dive into and actions you can take to support a specific calls or issue. This seven week challenge is one step in the fight for equity and you can do it all from the comfort of your computer screen. United Way's Equity challenge brings the conversation to you, join in on the fight at uw heart Imo dot org for slash advocate for slash equity. Hyphen challenge