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Hispanic Women and Children performed by an Actress with tons of experience dubbing characters of all ages!

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Spanish (Latino) Spanish (Mexican) Spanish (Neutral - International)


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Hi. Welcome to El Salvador. My name is Patricia and I am telling your sold the home affairs. Salvador's largest volcano isn't a place called Santana. This is where my family and I lived until just a few months ago when everything changed. It was so scary. I still remember to panic As the ground shook on clouds off smoke an ash came rising out off the volcano. It's here that the green Sea and club Glasco deejay Backspin From Sandra Dee Jay can every Sunday D J ***** Macleod and D J c The private past just begun. Waas fun Do it again. Did you see her face? She looked like a Please. Please wait. Please. I don't like these dark. I missed my mommy. I see Morning, Sexy. Did I wake you where you're dreaming of me? I hope so. Close your eyes and imagine me for now. Can you feel my breath on your neck Can use male My perfume? Can you imagine my body at gains? Yours? No. Keep those thoughts in your head and have a great day by