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the Panda Palace opened at 61 night. All the tables were ready. The room was just right. As the diners arrived, they were graciously greeted. Mr. Panda himself helped. Each one gets seated. A proud group of peacocks with souther stand wide was a most splendid sight for the others. Inside, with heads held up high. They want through the door. Do we need reservations? Can you seat for a party of penguins coming straight from a fall, waddled in through the door hats, jewels and all. This is just the right place for our Ehrlich it date. Please, Mr Panda. Is there a table for it? Honey, they're all stars with gloves, balls And that's had played a great game with the Tiger striped cat. We hit three home runs, so we're feeling just fine now. It's time for a party. Is there room here for nine? Been through all the noise came a knock at the door. A tiny mouse asked, Is there room for one more? Most stars are glowing balls of gas and give off light. There are many kinds of stars. They are different in size, mass brightness, temperature and color stars, air spread far apart across face But from Earth certain stars appear to be close together. Thes stars make up constellations. Stars look small because they are far away. But they are actually huge. Our son is the closest star to earth. This makes it appear large and bright. The sun provides earth with light and heat. The following day, Billy woke up when Henry playfully tossed a pillow at him. Fannie better get up. Don't you want to come to the shop with us? Benny opened his eyes and saw Henry, Jesse and Violet crowded around his door. Hello, sleepyhead. Jesse teas. Do you know what time it is? Almost nine o'clock. Baby turned on this side. You know, I dreamed about the shop last night. He moved a stuffed bear stockings out of the way so his sisters and brother could sit on the bed. I dreamed I was the chef. Did you wear a big hat, Violet? Like knowing what everybody wore. Yes, Benny murmured. I was surrounded by all different kinds of ice cream and some glasses broke. Then I heard a noise outside my window and woke up. Well, sir. Chef Jesse said giving up to give bid me about. You should invent a new ice cream dish at the shop and name it after yourself. That's what chefs do, Benny laughed. Maybe I will, he said. Ah. Half hour later, Henry, Jesse, Violet and Beauty were heading quickly down the sidewalk to the shop as they stopped at the corner, toe white for a car to pass Jesse look down and stepped out of the way of some broken glass.