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Hello is perhaps the most commonly used greeting worldwide. It might even be a baby's first word, so it is always a good start. Hello. Toys are made of cork, a natural raw material suitable for all ages and stages of child development. Cork is a buoyant, light brown natural substance with a unique feeling texture. Obtained from the bark of the cork oak. It is a product from nature and obviously ICO friendly and sustainable. The cork used in Hello toys comes from Portuguese cork oak trees and is transformed in Portugal is well from harvesting to transformation. The production of Hello Toys respects cultural values firmly embedded in the Portuguese cork tradition, from the forest to the factory. The process encompasses various stages which combined traditional techniques with cutting edge technologies, resulting in toys that deliver the maximum original experience to the educational active playing. Thus not only the shape but also the applique ability of an ancient natural product is renewed with a brand new image and a hint of color that brings it to life. Covering a wide range of ages, toys are designed to engage the audience and stimulate cognitive and sensory development. Promoting child object interaction, which insights, creativity and logical reasoning. All hello toys allow Children to play and create exploring different colors and shapes in a fun, appealing and instinctive way. Besides this, Children will always be in contact with natural materials when playing with hello toys, whether they are alone or in a group, which helped them developed an emotional identity and improve their environmental awareness. All toys bearing Hello Signature provide an honest link between nature and leisure. Hello connects ancient traditions with tomorrow's demands, paying particular attention to environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability issues. A sophisticated solution with the added benefit of having a clean and innovative design, which is aimed not only at its audience in particular, but also at the community as a whole. Nevertheless, because our focus is on Children, it goes without saying that hello, toys are always fun and enjoyable to play with