Microwave Oven Instruction

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How to install a microwave oven.

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If installing the microwave oven near left side wall, make sure there's a least six inches of clearance between the wall and the microwave oven so the door can open fully. Some models have a pocket handle. If installing the microwave nearer right side wall, make sure there is a least three inches of clearance between wall and microwave oven so you could grab the handle integrated inside the door. Some cabinet in building materials air not designed to withstand the heat produced by the microwave oven For cooking. Check with your builder or cabinet supplier to make sure that the materials used will not discolor de laminate or sustain other damage. If you're using a rectangular to round transition piece, the three inch clearance needs to exist above the microwave oven so that the damper blade can open freely and fully see rectangular around. Transition illustration. In the venting design specifications section,