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Excerpts from The Incident Under the Overpass, The Accidental City, and Knitting Under the Influence.

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fear paralyzed her. She crossed her arms over her breasts, but didn't dare sit up. She strained her neck toward the sickly glow of a light directly ahead Beyond about 100 ft away, a faint pool of light shimmered around a sodium vapor street lamp. Lacey's heart broke as the vestiges of that rapturous completeness slipped away, replaced by a rising sense of panic. The dunk, She looked toward the sound, huge concrete beams sailed high above her. I'm underneath a bridge, she thought, those are cars passing overhead. The air was warm and languid, but still she began to shiver. She tightened her arms across her chest and wanted desperately to find her clothes. She turned her head away from the light, searching the dunk, Lacey gasped and bolted upright, inches away. A man lay on his back, fully clothed, eyes closed, a peaceful smile on his face. He had a laceration along his right cheek. His jacket was torn and bloody at the right shoulder. He looked familiar. This is the story of a city that shouldn't exist In the 17th century. What is now? America's most beguiling metropolis was nothing more than a swamp prone to flooding infested with snakes battered by hurricanes. But through the intense imperial rivalries of spain France and England, and the ambitious entrepreneurial merchants and settlers from four continents who risked their lives to succeed in colonial America. This one promising site became a crossroads for the whole atlantic world. We see the crescent city evolved from a french village to an african market town to a spanish fortress, and finally to an anglo american center of trade and commerce. We hear and feel the mix of peoples religions and languages from four continents that make the place electric and always on the verge of unraveling. This is a city and a history marked by challenges and perpetual shifts in shape and direction, like the sinuous river on which it is perched. It was 10:00 on Sunday morning and the regular time for the girls to meet for their knitting circle. But when Kathleen opened the door to greet the others, she was still wearing her pajama bottoms and sustained. The best girls are from Los Angeles t shirt. Her long brown hair was escaping and fly away strands from her ponytail elastic and around her eyes were traces of mascara and eyeshadow that clearly hadn't been completely washed off the night before. Sorry said you didn't have to dress up just for us or clean up lucy said the huge foyer was strewn with glasses, bottles, crumpled napkins and small plastic plates with food stuff still on them. Give me a break, Kathleen said the party went late and I only just got up, come to the kitchen so I can make some coffee. They followed her toward the back of the house with their knitting bags slung over their shoulders. Sorry, caught a glimpse of the living room as they went by. It was easily four times the size of her entire apartment, but today it was as trashed as the rest of the house.