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despite public campaigns on behalf of shelter dogs, there are still misconceptions that we need to clear up a misconception number one that shelter dogs are dangerous. The truth is shelters screen every dog before making them available to the public. So there's no more risk than with a breeder. Stonehenge maybe the most famous but it's not the only ancient stone circle in the U. K. There's a very in Wiltshire, southwest England with three massive stone circles that date back to the Neolithic age. It's the largest megalithic monument in europe and perhaps the most mysterious for most people, being the co creator of one of the greatest sketch comedy shows ever would be a career pinnacle. But for Jordan peele, it was just the beginning after four seasons of key and peele Jordan turned his sights to Hollywood writing and directing one of the most critically acclaimed films of the decade. Get Out. You haven't witnessed the awesome power of nature until you've traveled through Iceland. This is Mother Nature at her most daring with geothermal lagoons overlooking ancient glaciers, towering mountains next to deep jagged fjords and the mystifying glow of the aurora borealis