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Fantasy, Book Two in a Series

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York Book to the Clockwork Ghost by Laura Ruby. Wait, said Theo. The test felt along the walls till she reached the large something that filled the tunnel, which, when she ran her hands over the wheels and the sides turned out to be some sort of carriage, the kind that you'd see in Central Park, drawn by sleepy, clopping horses. But when Test peered around to the front of the carriage, there were no horses hitched there. There wasn't anything hitch there unless she felt along the rains, which tapered as they stretched all the way to the ground, were there were tests. Jump back. What? Said Theo, Ants said. Tess Ants said Theo for mechanical ants. They're each about the size of a thumb, said Tess. Are they moving? Test crouched and squinted in the gloom, the antenna of one ant waas swiveling their way as if listening. Maybe Jamie crouched next to her. Yep, ants, because why not ants? The real ones can carry more than 1000 times their body weight, said Theo, who knows what the mechanical ones can carry. Ah, fully loaded carriage, I'm guessing, said Jamie. Shall we? They got into the carriage As soon as they'd sat down, the ants began to march forward or rather, scuttle despite the scuttling and the cobblestone tunnel floor. The ride waas surprisingly smooth. Nine. The cat positioned herself a the front of the carriage, letting the slight wind ruffle her whiskers like the captain on the prow of a ship. They didn't scuttle far, however, or at least the ride didn't seem to be that long. But they did pass other openings in the tunnel. Laughs and rights they didn't take. Who built this tunnel? How did the ants nowhere to go? The ants weren't saying. Tess wished she could talk to her. Grandpa Ben wished he was here right now, riding along with them. But Grandpa Ben had been moved from 3 54 West 73rd Street to a place on Long Island and to a fancy facility uptown. Immediately after that, Grandpa Ben forgot Mawr than he remembered. And then, as suddenly as they had begun, they stopped moving. We're here, said Tess. Great well years here, Fio said. The ants intended to, which seemed to point to a set of rough stone steps chopped into the nearest wall. Thanks, Jamie said. to the nearest, and he held out a finger as if he wanted to pat the ants. Silvery thorax, then thought better of it. He patted nine, instead whom he out her approval. They left the ants behind and started to climb the narrow stone staircase that zigged and zagged. The first five minutes were easy enough. The second five were harder the next 10 or torture.