One Great Gnome

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Served as Narrator, 12 year old girl, her father, an evil elf, and a bunch of old gnomes.

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Child (5-12)


North American (General)


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Creek shop pushed the trolls aside and strode into the room E. I usually have to send my lazy trolls outside to capture gnomes, he said. But it was nice of you both to save me the trouble. The elf poked his scepter into the back of the nearest troll. It shocked the creature with a surge of electricity. Patrol moaned in pain, take their swords and let them turn to stone like the others, Craig shop yelled. All the trolls started advancing on Sarah and Vesper. The elf turned to leave. Sarah tried to think of something to Dio. Vesper was slowly reaching for his sword. Sarah had an idea. Wait, she yelled. We can help you! Vesper looked at Sarah. My would rather fight, he whispered. They're too many of them, Sara whispered back. How could you help your family if you're turned back to Stone? Vesper eased his hand back off his Sword Creek shop, turned and walked back into the room. How can two numbs be of help to me?