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In this presentation, you will learn about the period on Shem bony defects, accused trauma. Introduction to periodontal healing and reconstruction and periodontal abscesses. The normal period on Shem provides the support necessary to maintain teeth and function. It consists of four principal components the ginger bar, the periodontal ligament, the cement, um and the al viola. Our bone. Each of these is distinct in its location, tissue architecture, biochemical composition and chemical composition, but they function together as a single unit, pause the presentation to read more about the period from here. In an adult, normal gin java covers the al viola bone and tooth root to a level just corona will to the cemento enamel junction. The jinn java is divided anatomically into marginal attached and inter dental areas. The marginal or unattached in java is the terminal edge or border of the gin java that surrounds the teeth and collar like fashion. In about 50% of cases it is demarcated from the adjacent attached in java by a shallow linear depression called the free ginger oval groove. The attached in java is continuous with the marginal jin java. It is firm resilient and tightly bound to the underlying curiosity um of a viola bone. The facial aspect of the attached in java extends to the relatively loose and movable al viola mucosa. It is demarcated by the mucus ginger ville junction. The, inter dental jinja occupies the ginger ville m brazier, which is the inter proximal space beneath the area of tooth contact. The ginger will epithelium consists of a continuous lining of stratified squamous, epithelium. Its main function is to protect the deep structures while allowing for a selective interchange with the oral environment. Areas that can be defined for morphological and functional points of view are as follows. The oral epithelium protects underlying structures and acts as a mechanical barrier. It is correct in ized and its boundaries are from the free ginger herbal margin to the mucus, ginger herbal junction. The circular epithelium lines the ginger ville so Oculus without attachment to the tooth. It is generally non Carradine ized but may become para carbonized if exposed, read pigs will be present if inflammation is present. The junction epithelium surrounds the tooth and creates a seal which holds it firmly in place. It protects the attachment apparatus from the oral environment and is a continuation of the circular epithelium. In perfect health, it extends from the C. E. G. It is non carbonized