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An excerpt from Nevermoor

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never more. The Trials of Morgan Crow by Jessica Townsend. Chapter one. The Cursed Crow. The kitchen cad was dead, and Morgan was to blame. She didn't know how it happened or when she thought perhaps he'd eaten something poisonous overnight. There were no injuries to suggest a fox or a dog attack. Apart from a bit of dried blood at the corner of his mouth, he looked like he was sleeping, but he was cold and stiff when she found his body in the week winter morning Light Morgan crouched down beside him in the dirt, a frown creasing her forehead. She stroked his black pelt from the top of his head to the tip of his bushy tail. Sorry, Kitchen cat, she murmured. Morgan thought about where best to bury him and whether she could ask grandmother for a bit of nice linen to wrap him in. Probably best not to. She decided she'd used one of her own night shirts. Cook opened the back door to give yesterday scraps to the dogs and was so startled by Morgan's presence she nearly dropped her bucket. The old woman peered down at the dead cat and set her mouth in a line that air his Weldon mine. Praise be to the divine, she muttered, knocking on the wooden door frame and kissing the pendant she wore around her neck. She glanced sideways at Morgan. I liked that cat. So did I, said Morgan. Oh, yes, I can see that. There was a bitter note in her voice at Morgan. Noticed she was backing away inch by wary inch. Go on now, Inside there, waiting for you in his office, Morgan hurried into the house, hovering for a moment near the door from the kitchen to the hallway. She watched cook, take a piece of chalk and write kitchen cat dead on the blackboard at the end of a long list that most recently included spoiled fish, old Tom's heart attack, floods in North Prosper and gravy stains on best tablecloth.