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allow your body to find a comfortable position, perhaps sitting or lying down and let your eyes float closed. You might like to bring your attention to your breath. A CZ you inhale. Draw beautiful fresh air into your lungs, allowing it to feel every part of you. Hold the breath noticing any tension you might be feeling and release this tension as you exhale, allowing your body to relax and again inhale. Notice any tension and as you exhale, allow it to be released on your breath one more time. Inhale. I noticed the tension on Relax and just for this moment, be here. Now you might like to become aware of a beautiful warm golden light surrounding you. Ahs, light kisses the crown of your head. You feel a gentle warmth that begins to soften and melt down through your body. The light continues to flow down over your scalp on across your face. You might become aware of your forehead softening a ll the tiny muscles around your eyes