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why do data breaches keep happening? On average, there are five million data breaches every day. Why is it because there aren't enough regulations in place? Is there not enough computing power for security solutions? These approaches have been tried, but they're not very effective. It's time to flip the script on the bad guys. Hackers used tactics to deceive defenders and bypass controls, gaining access to sensitive systems. And by the time their attack is discovered, if it's ever discovered, it's usually too late and the damage is done. What if the same tactic can be used to stop data breaches? This is exactly what deception grid does. It deploys highly credible cyber traps camouflaged as riel network assets. These traps can fool even the most advanced hackers. Hey, won't hackers realize they're being deceived? Well, did you notice all the changes to this video since it started? Take a look. The logo on the computer changed. The gaming system became a coffee machine. Even the buildings in the background switch sides. Those are only three examples out of 15 deception grid detects, deceives and defeats. Even the most advanced hackers simply fill out the form and earn your free demo. Today