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This audio is about muscle building.

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My demo tells about an overview on natural muscle building. Myself I am a gym enthusiast so i choose this topic as a little demo of how i sound my accent and verbal communication.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Hey there Today, I'm going to give an overview about how to build muscle. Naturally, as we say, most renters more muscle. The Harvey, the weight she'll left. The strong Your body becomes on, the bigger your muscles grow. Your muscles increases in size so they can lift heavy rates. This is western to size, so you can lift heavy and get more muscle naturally. But that does not mean you gotta lift heavy by not controlling the weights. In that case, you can damage your joints. Lifting heavy is like you gotta lift heavy according to your body size at first, like controlling the weight that is lifting. Having doing a fire up Max, that's heavy. Fire up Max Amina's doing fire ribs in a single set. Most people try to build muscle by doing higher up isolation exercises, but those are for intermediate or advanced lifters like you are used to the workouts. You do. You change your workout plans, but at beginning when you go as a big dinner, you gotta lift compound movements such as bench press, squats, dead lifts, overhead presses that is like the shoulder presses. These kind of moments will get used to the activities you perform in gym or even a home if you have the equipment. But you don't have to go for any kind of isolate movements at first, as I told you before, that you gotta keep good diet to your body. What I mean is, you don't have to go for supplements and all that stuff, but first you gotta eat good. Give your muscles good rest. Nourishment by eating food like proteins. Good carbs, good fatty acids such as fish oil, not which includes your Allman's violence at sectoral. In that case, you'll get used to whatever goal you're having. After that, you can add on protein supplements, such as a protein that can enhance your muscle growth by increasing your diet. Naturally, that's it for now, thanks.