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Completely politcally incorrect! It takes a second or two to realize this is obviously, a spoof promo on the actual radio promo about the station's bumper stickers, but we had a lot of fun with it! Written & produced, and voiced by Evie Irwin.

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Hurry, Hurry, hurry! Have I got a deal for you? Get him while they last to be the first in your few tone, Your very own W B y and bumper sticker at no cost to you. They're free. They're absolutely free. That's right free. Hey, you can get something for nothing. Listen to this proudly display your double B Y en bumper sticker and you'll have the chance to win hundreds of fabulous prizes. Not to mention a chance for a grand prize drawing of a cruise for two. But wait, there's more when the trumpet sounds a W, B y and bumper sticker guarantees, you know, waiting in line of pearly gates. That's right. No paperwork, no forms to fill out. Nothing to sign in triplicate and no waiting for Peter to find your name in the registry. Remember, it's not in alphabetical order. You'll be streamlined immediately, right to your custom design mansion. The key is already waiting for you in the door. Sound too good to be true, but wait, there's even more WB Ryan Bumper sticker automatically offers you a chance of an early interest privilege. That's right. Just label your vehicle is driven by a w b y en listener. That way you'll be especially noted as being politically incorrect. Ah, conservative evangelical fundamental Scofield Total pre millennial dispensation. A legalistic religious Republican right winger and you'll be the perfect target and lucky recipient of the next drive by shooting. Don't delay quantities are limited. Order yours today.