Efficient Markets, Random Walks, and Bubbles

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Robert J. Shiller describes the correlation between new information and the unpredictable finanical market.

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efficient markets around the works and bubbles. The theory that financial marks on fishing's forms the leading intellectual basis for arguments against India that markets are vulnerable to excessive exuberance or bubbles extensive academic results as being widely seen as supporting this theory. The efficient markets, theory asserts, with all financial prices are currently reflects all public information at all times. In other words, financial assets are always prices correctly given was his public known at all times. Price may appear to be toe aiga or too low at times, but according toa efficient markets theory, the experiences must be an illusion. Stock prices, by this theory, approximately described marauding works for all time. The price things are unpredictable science via caroni in response to generally new information, which, by the very fact that it is new, is unpredictable.