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Welcome to the sale or no sale game show where we see how much sellers really know about today's tech leaders let's get started as you know, CdW is now selling both ICTy decision makers as well as developers and operational folks. In our survey of 250 people across all these audiences, how much did they know about their organization's goals? That's right. In fact 93% of I. T. Leaders are aware of strategic goals and 88% of devoPS professionals are aware of them as well. Those with director level titles or higher were very aware for goals for 2021. Okay, for this next question please look to the board. Here's how CDW defines organizational outcomes. That is the strategies are prospects care about or I care. Today's organizations want to be able to innovate, contain costs, drive agility, reduce risk and enhance experiences for their employees and customers. So in our survey of I. T. D. M. S and those in devops, what percentage said that I care aligns with their organization strategic goals wow that's specific survey says for devoPS leaders, 87% think I care aligns with their organization's goals above that I T D M S. R. At 92% we found that user experience is the part of I care that resonated the most. In fact here's how the survey respondents talked about. I care in their own words. Listen for things like digital transformation, right? Sizing resources and engaging customers. Okay folks, now it's time for our speed round according to our survey, name one of the top three providers that have the credibility for helping to increase agility, correct? C. D w. Is there others are AWS and accenture. How about to improve and user collaboration? Yes. Again, CDW and the others are there last one? What provider has the credibility to improve, cost, efficiency? Sha zam The CDW sellers have won the game johnny, tell them what they'll get from the vault.