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In this scene joker is trying to negotiate with mob bosses.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Unfortunately, Dent, he's just the beginning. And as for the television, so God plan. Batman has no jurisdiction. He will find him and make him squeal and make him squeal. I know the squealers when I see them. And what do you propose? It's simple. We are kill the Batman. If it's so simple, why you Haven't you done it already? If you If you're good at something, never do it for free. How much you want? Uh uh, half. You're crazy. No, I'm that. No, I'm not. If we don't deal with this now, soon little Gambol here won't be ableto get a nickel from his grandma. No, from this clown. Ah dot Let's not blow this out of proportion. You think you could steal from us and just walk away? Yeah, I'm putting the word out. 500 grand for this clown dead. Ah, 1,000,000 alive. So I could teach him some manners first. All right, so So, listen, why don't you give me a call and when you want to start talking things a little more seriously, here's my card.