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Since Rob was diagnosed with hypertension last year, he's been doing his best to stay healthy, eating right, working on his back, practicing stress, reducing activities like meditation and taking his medication. But sometimes he doesn't know what keep up with routine missing doses convene, putting himself at risk for a heart attack or stroke, which could leave him and his wife, Sandy, on the bench instead of enjoying their favorite sport. That's why Rob trust his neighborhood, Walgreens, to keep him on the court. Since you can't feel hypertension, it can be easy to forget to take your medication, which is why I always remind Rob that it's important to stay compliant. Walgreens pharmacists such as myself are here to make sure that you take your medication properly, warn you of any hazardous drug interactions and answer any questions you have. You're on aspirin. This would raise blood pressure further. I would recommend using acetaminophen with Walgreens, helping to keep Rob on point and managing his blood pressure. Rob no longer has to let his chronic condition to find what he can and can't do and get back to the game he loves. Thanks to Walgreen, Rob has three words for his chronic condition. Game set, match