Urban Voices

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Street, Soul, Black, African-American, BIPOC

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Middle Aged (35-54)


US African American


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our Children have unlimited potential. They could invent the flying car or help colonize other planets. But if we don't take our environment seriously, their future isn't guaranteed. Congratulations blake. You and your team have proven that all things are possible to those who believe to fly to heights that you thought were unattainable to become the stronger person. You know, you can be E. CSU provides the opportunity, support and academic programs that you need to succeed in life. Where do you gather your strength for john D. Young? That question is easy raised by a single mother who slept on the couch in the one room apartment she shared with her three boys, john D. Young learned early on about commitment and so sacrifice. We each have a set of characteristics that make us who we are. Often when we think of diversity, we think of those obvious characteristics like race, gender and age that make us different from one another. They call me moses and that in itself should give you some shape as to what's being formed. I'm aware you're not here for etymology and rightfully so, a life so young should only seek its immortality.