Audio book (The prisoner of Zenda)

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I narrated the first page of The Prisoner of Zenda in American accent English, using a house mic.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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The prisoner of zenda by Anthony Hope. Chapter one I was eating my breakfast in the dining room of my brother's house one sunday morning, thinking about what I would do that week when my brother's wife Rose came into the room, Randolph. You are 29 years old, she said, Are you ever going to do anything useful, Rose? I answered, putting down my eggs phone. Why should I do anything? I have nearly enough money to do anything I want. No one ever has quite enough money to do that, of course. And I enjoyed an important possession in society. My brother's Lord Burlison, and you are account Nous, but you have done nothing except be lazy. It's true. I'm a member of the Rosendo family and our family don't need to do anything. This annoyed Rose, because her family were rich but less important than the Russian dolls. At this moment my brother Lord Burlison, who we were happy to call, simply robert came into the room, robert. I'm so happy you're back! Cried Rose. What's the matter? My dear robert asked her. She is angry because she thinks I don't do anything. I explain to my brother at this point I should explain that I hadn't been lazy all my life. I had studied hard and learned a lot when I was at a german school and german university, I spoke german as well as I spoke english, and I also know how to speak french italian and spanish. I was good with a gun and a strong source man. I was also very good at riding a horse