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This is the short introduction from the published audiobook \"Nate's Triumph: Presuming Competence and the Fight for Inclusion.\"

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introduction. My name is Nathan trainer and it's a miracle you're reading these words, you can call me Nate. I was born with job syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes an abnormality in my brain. Physical movement for me is challenging though I'm not paralyzed, I am unable to coordinate my physical muscular movements. This means, among other things, I don't have fine motor control and I'm mostly unable to control the reactions of my face and my limbs. So far I am still unable to speak using my own voice. I cannot walk independently though I can stand and walk with support. None of that is why it's a miracle I'm talking to you today through this written text For most of my life. Up until age 21 I was unable to communicate using words I couldn't speak, couldn't write and couldn't control the sounds I made. I couldn't control my hands well enough to use a traditional alternative form of communication. Like sign language. By age two, I was already declared profoundly retarded by doctors. Nobody knew what was going on inside my head or whether I could process the environment around me. Well, almost nobody, even though I was unable to speak or communicate with words, I still had close friends, a community that supported me and most of all I had my mom, she knew that deep down there was a more complex Nate underneath the exterior. I couldn't control because of her unshakable faith in me. She fiercely negotiated with the public school system to get me included in classes with everyone else. She knew I would be unable to participate in the same way everyone else could, I wouldn't be able to complete homework or write drills or take tests regardless. She knew the importance of being included. I could listen and absorb and I could participate in group activities and most importantly I could hang out and grow up with other kids in my community. Honestly, for me, that's one of the most essential parts of public education, socializing with your peers and meeting girls At age 21, we finally found a method by which I could select my own words and type. Many people were shot. Yes, I could read Yes, I could write Yes, I absorbed everything in school. Yes, I had an intellect. Yes, I had dreams and thoughts and deep feelings just like everyone else. Yes, I am valuable and part of the community and the people that were closest to me already knew that until we are humbled, we cannot be selfless. I was humbled early on by my communication challenges and I feel because of that I am uniquely suited to help people. I know how that frustration feels. It's devastating. And I also know the liberation of climbing out of it. I wanted to write this book to help non disabled people look at people like me differently for those who are still struggling to communicate. It's not the disabled that need to change their perspectives. It's the people who interact with them if we want to see the world and other people differently, We have to change our own hearts. 1st I talk a lot about presuming competence, a concept I'll discuss later in this book in a nutshell, presuming competence means to include others and be confident in their abilities even if they are not apparent to you. There are thousands of people that can be helped by just a change of attitude in the world around them. One of the first things I wanted to do was write this book to reach out to all of you as an advocate by shifting your perspective, you can help bring about a better world.